Relax, you’re in Tuscany!

Early in march we had our yearly meet with our favourite place in Italy: Tuscany.

We love indulging in good wine and food, reaching that mindfullness that comes with everything Tuscan. I could write pages and pages about how much I love Tuscany: the rustic beauty of its rocky villages, the breathtaking views above Val D’Orcia (where the Gladiator’s home and Champs Elysees were filmed), the calming breeze that cradles the Chianti vines.

Canon SX220 - scarico 14.01.2015 062

To me, there’s no such experience as taking a rest from everyday life and drive to Tuscany. So that’s what we did shortly before our anniversary.

This time we went for a relaxing week end in Siena and the surrounding area.

First stop was Certaldo, where Boccaccio was born. We were pleased to find it a small and charming village, set up on a hill surrounded by vines.

From there we moved to San Gimignano, the so called towers’ town: back to the medieval age this town was ruled by several noble families, and each one of them built its own tower, as high as their finances could afford.

Canon SX220 - scarico 14.01.2015 086

We booked our stay in the small village of Lecchi through Airbnb. Cecilia welcomed us in a beautiful and functional flat: everything you might need is there, including some useful maps and touristic guides about Siena and the surrounding area.

The next day we headed to Siena. We took our time just to wander around, as we both visited it several times before. Siena is a beautiful city, and you should take at least two days to visit it properly. And mind your shoes! Make sure to have some comfortable ones for those days, as the city is build on a hill.

Canon SX220 - scarico 14.01.2015 163

In the morning we booked our visit to the Duomo and we took our tour in the afternoon. We chose the “Porta del Cielo” tour, as that’s one of the most recently restored pieces of the whole cathedral: the guide took us under the roof, where we admired the ancient walls of the first building project of the Dome. Everything is simply majestic and breathtaking from there.

Canon SX220 - scarico 14.01.2015 169

Canon SX220 - scarico 14.01.2015 171

After visiting the Cathedral we went buying some bits for dinner and we found what seems to be a gourmet’s paradise: the Consorzio Agrario, where you can buy local meat, vegetables, bread and pasta.

Canon SX220 - scarico 14.01.2015 214

On our third day we went south, as I wanted to have a relaxing food and wine kind of day: Val d’Orcia is just what you need when you feel a bit decadent. That day was also raining, so we felt extra romantic! But the view was amazing anyway, and that was just the perfect excuse to plan one more visit to Tuscany and get the chance to enjoy a proper entire stay in Val d’Orcia.

Canon SX220 - scarico 14.01.2015 299

So… until the next time, see you soon Toscana!




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