Discovering Krk

The Island of Krk (405 square kilometers of woody hilly land where 19 thousand people live) was our destination for a weekly summer holiday.

Having just one week off work I think that this Croatian island is the perfect location for the kind of vacation we love (which means trying to discover something new everyday). Krk is little enough to be traveled by car, and its geography is so simple that you’ll only need a couple of days to get rid of your maps.

Our accomodation was in the small village of Kornič, just 3 kilometers away from the city of Krk. We were hosted by the lovely Marija, who greeted us with cakes and some grapes from her vines! Our flat was just perfect for the two of us, and we love being able to cook our meals at home, using what we find in the local food markets. One thing you’ll have to know: in Krk fish markets are opened just in the morning, so you’ll have to be there before going to the beach!

During our holiday we weren’t blessed with good weather: it rained on monday, wednsday and friday, therefore we had to get the best out of our sunny days. Despite this, we had the chance to visit some very beautiful towns in the island, such as Vrbnik, Baska and Krk.


The capitol city of the island reminds me of some Apulien cities: it is very lively and has a lot to offer, turistic wise. Its narrow, white cobbled streets warm up your wandering experience, as well as the small artisans’ shops and many small pubs and konobas cooking Cevapi from early in the morning until late at night.

krk 032modif

The city has a small harbour at the end of the sea bank where both locals and tourist can moor their boats; the city sea promenade is also the starting point for many touristic boat tours.




krk 079

This tiny town is a small beauty: just overlooking the sea , you can see the deep teal water from every one of its narrow streets. I think it must be an important and interesting place for diving, as we saw many divers training. The day we were there the weather was cold and plumbeous, but I bet that you can have amazing snorkeling on sunny days.




krk 156

Baska is smaller than Krk and it’s the second city of the island by population. It is a charming settlement where we ate some delicious fried fish and pasta with sardines (which is a very typical recipe from here). Baska is also an important point on a tourist’s map, as it is the main docking for the taxi boats that take from here to some marvelous unaccessible bays.

Vela Luka is the biggest of these, we went there on saturday and we spent the whole day between the main beach and Mala Luka, which is its sauvage twin. While Vela Luka has some tourist facilities, Mala Luka doesn’t have any: it is accessible just with a twenty-ish minute walk through the low rugged hills that surround the whole area. Once we layed there on our beach towels, our only companions were some sheeps bleating in the shadow of old shepherd’s houses.

blog 5

In Vela Luka you can have amazing snorkeling though, we even saw a couple of clown fishes and many shoals of breams.


Overall we think that Krk has a lot of potential to grow up very big in the Touristic Industry. The beauty of this island consists in its raw, authentic spirit. Local people is very warm and welcoming, even though they will be gesturing most times because English has been introduced as a school subject just in the nineties. The price point is very, very good as you can buy a whole dinner at the supermarket with less than 5 euros, and you can have a dinner out for just about 15.

I’ll make sure to go back to this beautiful island in the next years, and I hope that it will grow preserving its local identity.


Until then, see you soon Otok Krk!





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