Dolomites in the Summer

This is basically a reminder on how to find beauty, mindfullness and chill in the middle of a torrid summer. Today I’m showing you some places in my beautiful Venetian mountains: the Dolomites.

As I live away from the sea, in the middle of a small land between two large rivers, this summer I had quite of a problem: I can’t stand the hot weather. And the humidity. That combo will kill me someday.

Probably our humid and sticky summers had a big influence on me since I was a child: I remember day-dreaming about living in my little mountain cottage baita up in the mountains, surrounded by cows, being stucked into my house during long and snowy winters, with no chance to get to school.

Now that I grew up I learned to enjoy the beauty of silence and nature, the effort to reach a mountain top, and that kind of chill that makes you crave some cuddles at the end of the day.

Cansiglio Forest


Early in June I travelled with my Beard and a small group of our friends to the Cansiglio Forest. This is the second largest forest in Italy.

We entered the forest from Fregona and found ourselves into a beech forest. That’s quite unusual to find these kind of trees in the Dolomites, as we usually have pines in our woods. The reason for this is that the Cansiglio Forest lies on the Cansiglio plateau, which has a micro-climate that’s very similar to the oceanic weather.

I don’t know if it was because of the bright green deciduous trees, or because of the incredible silence surrounding our footsteps, but I felt magic in there. There’s a subtle nature concience telling you to be gentle and quiet under that tall roof of leaves.

cansiglio 043

I’ll go back there this saturday to take some awesome autumnal pictures, so stay tuned!

Rifugio Rosetta


Long time no see, I didn’t realise how much I missed the solitude of a stark and harsh mountainscape until I reached the Rifugio Rosetta.

In the middle of July the weather in the countryside was unsustainable, so I took the Beard with me and we went high. And I mean it! We reached 2700m above the sea level and went from the crazy 30 celsius degrees of San Martino di Castrozza to a blissfull 12 degrees. We walked through the stark lands up there and finally had something to eat at Rifugio Pedrotti La Rosetta.

Sorapiss Lake

sorapis 040

When my boyfriend told me that I couldn’t be a real mint green colour fan if I didn’t see the Sorapiss Lake. So I felt challenged, and on a hot August day we drove to Cortina d’Ampezzo and then on to the Statale Alemagna. We stopped our car and started our walk to reach this incredible beauty of a lake.

The lake is overlooked by The Finger of God, a very high peak that owes its name to its figer shape.

The incredible minty green colour comes from the bottom of the lake: limestone! As  a makeup addict I know that white emphasizes every colour you put on top, so that’s exactly what happens here: the white lakebed brings out the amazing color of this water, which is nothing but melted snow coming from the many glaciers nearby.

One thing I’ll have to complain about: you cannot have a bath here, as water is too damn freezing!


Food: ask what’s typical!

cansiglio 134-crop

So now on to the food part: the Venetian Dolomites have their own typical dishes, which are very different from what you can eat in the South Tyrol side of this mountain range. So please, if you decide to give a chance to this beautiful side of my region, ask for Mountain Ravioli (these are stuffed with cheese and potatoes, you’ll find on my instagram a picture of my attempt to replicate them!), Pork Shank, Tosella with Polenta (mountain melted cheese with our typical mais cream) and baked cream as a dessert! That’s exactly what we did at the end of a panoramic walk through the fields of Val Formica, at Rifugio Val Formica.


I guess next time I will be in the mountains I’ll be wearing my snowboard equipment!

Until the next time… see you later Dolomites!





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