One more time in Cansiglio

On the third saturday of September my sweet Beard and I drove to Rifugio Crosetta to start a relaxing wandering experience through the magic Cansiglio forest.

What we ended up doing was a 20-ish kilometer walk, and I won’t lie: it was taugh!

But it was so beautiful. I like to think that this forest has something ancestral and mysterious: it is so dense and so deep that you almost feel it overwhelming. There’s also an elven community living in the Cansiglio Forest, how amazing is that?

As we walked, we were able to hear lots of animals but they wouldn’t show. They are not used to the humans, and we realised that we were probably the only two people in the entire forest. The Cansiglio isn’t that touristic, and I think that this is part of its fascinating aura.



Breaking News! The Beard decided to start writing “The Beard’s Trails”, which is going to be its own section on this blog! Here (link will be available soon) you can read all the details about the trails we followed. You’ll also find some easy tips about his favourite mountain equipment.

Our tour ended up to be longer than we thought, so it was 2.30 pm and we didn’t know where to get something to eat. Luckly we found Agriturismo Casera Le Rotte on our way home, so we had some delicious typical cold cuts, local cheese, a very powerful wine, a small glass of grappa and a slice of an amazing pear, liqueur and figs cake.

pz1 cansiglio2 057


I always appreciate a chilled day in the mountains, and this was just an amazing day with my lovely Beard. Don’t forget to check out his take on this trip, a link will be available soon 😉




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